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ASEAN Agrotechnology Product Competition and Exhibition (AAPCEx) 2018
Thursday November 15th, 2018

ASEAN Agriculture Products and Exhibition (AAPCEx) 2018 is one of a series from events at the Annual Regional Convention (ARC) and Pekan Teknik Pertanian Nasional (PTPN). AAPCEx is an expo about agricultural product innovations with participants from undergraduate students in the major of agricultural engineering who incorporated in the Indonesia Student Association of Agricultural Engineering (IMATETANI) and/or ARC participants, there are 21 participants in this events. The expo was held at the Auditorium Kamarijani Soenjoto, Faculty of Agricultural Technology UGM  on 13 November  2018.

Participants not only exhibited their innovations but also presented in front of judges to get awards best idea, best presentation and most favorite. In AAPCEx events a team from Agricultural and Biosystems  Engineering students consist of Afifah Nur Indah, Warit Abi Nurazaq and Ardan Wiratmoko  received award the best idea, while in the previous events the technical paper presentation they received award the best paper in the land and water engineering category.


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