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Farm Structure Environment Engineering

The scope of the Laboratory is development of science and technology, in perspective of engineering analysis, to control the environment in agricultural structure and environment control for crops growth to achieve the requirement of desired product.

Graduates competency

Able to understand and analyze the environment condition of structure used for agriculture product, able to design farm structure based on environment aspect for desired agricultural product.


Field of Study

Environmental Science 


Environmental Engineering


Farm Structure Environmental Engineering

Physical Properties of Agricultural Product

Laboratory Member

Agroclimate, Environmental Science
Bayu Dwi Apri Nugroho, Ph.DHead of Laboratory

Farm Structure Environment Engineering, Silo
Dr. Nursigit BintoroMember of laboratory

Process Engineering, Environmental Chemistry

Laboratory Facilities

  1. Plant Growth Cabinet Chamber
  2. Midget Impinger and Pump.
  3. Analysis tools: Digital Lux Meter, Electric Conductivity and pH-meter, High Volume Air Sampler, Hot Wire Anemometer, Humidity Meter, Laboratory Water Analyzer, Oven, Oxygen Meter.