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Biofisik Pertanian

The scope of the Laboratory is principles of engineering science and management in the physical properties of plants and animals in response to physical stimulus (heat, force, sound, light, and electricity); the phenomenon of energy transfers, water, gas, and nutrients through physiological activity of plants and animals; and non-destructive analysis of agricultural product.

Graduates competency

Able to apply the principle of engineering in the agricultural biophysics and non-destructive analysis of agricultural product quality.


Field of Study

Environmental Biophysics 


Plant Biophysics


Animal Biophysics

Non-destructive evaluation of agri-product

Laboratory Member

Soil and Water Engineering, Plant Physiology
Prof. Muhjidin MawardiHead of Laboratory

Non-destructive Evaluation, Biosystems Modelling
Dr. Rudiati Evi MasithohMember of laboratory

Agricultural biophysics, Soil Science
Rizki Maftukhah, STP., M.Sc.Member of Laboratory

Laboratory Facilities

  1. Analysis tools: analytical balance, thermometer, measuring glass, electronic balance, stove, oven, roll meter, digital caliper, microscope
  2. Environmental tools: lux meter, anemometer, thermo-hygrometer, CO2 meter, digital salt meter, infrared thermometer, leaf area meter, uv-light meter
  3. Non-destructive tools: color-meter, fruit hardness tester, refractometer