Program Objectives:
The SP-BAE (Study Program of Bachelor of Agricultural Engineering) program was designed to produce graduates who:

  1. Are able to work in a field that requires technical expertise, who can:
    a. Apply engineering principles to design products or technologies in agriculture, environment, and automation.
    b. Think critically and innovatively to face future challenges and opportunities in the field of Agricultural and Biosystems Engineering.
    c. Manage and utilize natural resources optimally and sustainably.
    d. Demonstrate professionalism and leadership, have data and technology literacy skills, and have effective oral and written communication skills.
  2. Meet the qualifications to continue postgraduate education or education engineering profession.
    Be entrepreneurs or a key player in the agro-industry sector.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Able to apply knowledge of mathematics, natural and/or materials science, information technology and engineering in biosystems. 
  2. Able to design components, systems and/or processes to meet the expected needs within the boundaries of sustainable agroindustry and to recognize and/or utilize the potential of local and national resources with a global outlook.
  3. Able to design and carry out laboratory and/or field experiments, analyze and interpret data, and use technical justification to draw conclusions.
  4. Able to identify, formulate, analyze, and solve agricultural engineering and biosystem problems. 
  5. Able to apply methods, skills and modern engineering tools required for engineering practice. 
  6. Able to communicate effectively both orally and in writing. 
  7. Able to plan, complete and evaluate tasks within the limits of sustainable agroindustry. 
  8. Able to work in cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural teams.
  9. Able to be responsible to the community and comply with professional ethics in solving technical problems to support sustainable agroindustry. 
  10. Able to understand the need for lifelong learning, including access to knowledge related to current and relevant issues. 
  11. Able to understand and apply data and technology literacy in the agroindustry sector.

Compulsory Course

No.Course CodeCourse TitleCompulsory (C)/ Elective (E) coursesCredits (ECTS)
Semester I    
1TPPB211101Mathematics IC3.84
2TPPB211102Physics IC3.84
3TPPB211103Lab Work Physics IC2.56
4TPPB211104Chemistry IC3.84
5TPPB211105Lab Work Chemistry IC2.56
6TPPB211106Cell BiologyC6.4
7TPPB211107Statistics IC3.84
8TPPB211108Introduction to AgronomyC6.4
9TPUN211109The Ideology of the Republic of IndonesiaC3.84
10TPTP211110Introduction to Agricultural TechnologyC3.84
11TPUN211111 – TPUN2111116ReligionC3.84
12TPUN211117Citizenship EducationC3.84
Semester II    
1TPPB211201Mathematics IIC3.84
2TPPB211202Physics IIC3.84
3TPPB211203Lab Work Physics IIC2.56
4TPPB211204Chemistry IIC3.84
5TPPB211205Statistics IIC3.84
6TPPB211206Introduction to Information SystemsC3.84
8TPPB211208Engineering DrawingC7.04
10TPPB211210Bahasa IndonesiaC3.84
11TPPB211211Engineering Material PropertiesC6.4
Semester III    
1TPPB212101Engineering MathematicsC5.76
3TPPB212103Electricity and ElectronicsC6.4
4TPPB212104Fundamental of to Soil PhysicsC6.4
6TPPB212106Programming and Computer ApplicationsC6.4
7TPPB212107Engineering EconomicsC3.84
8TPPB212108Postharvest EngineeringC6.4
Semester IV    
1TPPB212201Engineering MechanicsC5.76
2TPPB212202Fluid MechanicsC3.84
3TPPB212203Heat TransferC5.76
4TPPB212204Mass TransferC3.84
5TPPB212205Introduction to Control SystemC6.4
6TPPB212206Measurement and Instrumentation EngineeringC6.4
7TPPB212207Engineering EthicsC1.92
8TPPB212208 Agricultural Material PropertiesC6.4
9TPPB212209Farm PowerE6.4
12TPPB212212Land Resources Engineering and Management in TropicsE3.84
13TPPB212213Biomass Cultivation EngineeringE3.84
15TPPB212215Industrial Sanitation EngineeringE3.84
16TPPB212216Storage and Packaging EngineeringE3.84
Semester V    
1TPPB213101Agricultural Production MachineryC6.4
2TPPB213102System Analysis and ModellingC3.84
3TPPB213103Agricultural Environmental EngineeringC6.4
4TPPB213104Unit OperationsC6.4
6TPPB213106Agriculture and Biosystem 4.0C3.84
7TPPB213107Agricultural Waste Treatment Process EngineeringC6.4
9TPPB213109Biosystem Machinery DesignE3.84
10TPPB213110Mechatronics and Robotic BiosystemsE6.4
11TPPB213111Pneumatic and Hydraulic SystemsE3.84
12TPPB213112Non-destructive Evaluation TechnologyE3.84
13TPPB213113Principles of Irrigation EngineeringE6.4
14TPPB213114Soil and Water Conservation EngineeringE6.4
15TPPB213115Watershed Engineering and ManagementE3.84
16TPPB213116Disaster Risk Reduction in AgricultureE3.84
17TPPB213117Biomaterial Process EngineeringE6.4
18TPPB213118Environmental ChemistryE6.4
19TPPB213119Environmental PhysicsE6.4
20TPPB213120Food Process EngineeringE6.4
21TPPB213121Drying EngineeringE3.84
22TPPB213122Refrigeration and Freezing EngineeringE3.84
23TPPB213123Food Material ScienceE3.84
Semester VI    
2TPPB213202Biosystem Machinery ConstructionsE6.4
3TPPB213203Bioenergy EngineeringE6.4
4TPPB213204Irrigation ManagementE3.84
5TPPB213205Geographic Information System in AgricultureE6.4
6TPPB213206Heating, Ventilation, dan Air Conditioning Facilities DesignE3.84
7TPPB213207Air Pollution Control and ManagementE6.4
8TPPB213208Environment and Waste ManagementE3.84
9TPPB213209Bioprocess EngineeringE3.84
10TPPB213210Food Material Quality EvaluationE3.84
11TPPB213211Design Process and Equipment of Food IndustryE3.84
12TPPB213212Beverage and Confectionery EngineeringE3.84
13TPPB213213Recent TopicsE3.84
14TPPB213214Internship 1E20.48
15TPPB213215Internship 2E25.6
16TPPB213216Internship 3E5.12
Semester VII    
2TPPB214102Biosystem Engineering Design ProjectC10.24
3UNU222001Community ServicesC10.24
4UNU222002Social CommunicationC5.12
5UNU222003Applied Technology ImplementationC5.12
6TPPB214104Research 1E12.8
7TPPB214105Research 2E25.6
8TPPB214106Entrepreneurship 1E20.48
9TPPB214107Entrepreneurship 2E30.72
10TPPB214108Independent Project 1E10.24
11TPPB214109Independent Project 2E30.72
12TPPB214110Community Development 1E20.48
13TPPB214111Community Development 2E30.72
14TPPB214112Humanity Project 1E20.48
15TPPB214113Humanity Project 2E30.72
16TPPB214114Teaching for Cummunity 1E20.48
17TPPB214115Teaching for Cummunity 2E30.72
18TPPB214116Special Topic 1E3.84
19TPPB214117Special Topic 2E3.84
20TPPB214118Special Topic 3E3.84
21TPPB214119Special Topic 4E5.76
22TPPB214120Special Topic 5E5.76
23TPPB214121Special Topic 6E7.68
24TPPB214122Special Topic 7E7.68
Semester VII