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  1. Sandra Laksmi Dewi 3 years ago

    Selamat sore,
    Saya ingin bertanya mengenai tariff untuk pengujian bahan makanan Virgin Coconut Oil, meliputi:
    1. Clarity
    2. Color
    3, Free Fatty Acid as Lauric
    4. Moisture Content
    5. Insoluble Impurities
    6. Density at 40℃
    7. Reactive Index
    8. Saponification Value
    9. Fatty Acid Distribution
    10. Peroxide Value
    11. Unsaponifiable Matter
    12. Cemaran Mikrobiologi (Angka lempeng total)
    13. Cemaran Logam (As, Pb, Cu, Fe, Cd)

    Terima kasih

  2. Subli prasetya 1 years ago