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Energy & Agricultural Machinery

The vision of the Laboratory is to be the excellent laboratory in applying and developing knowledge in the field of energy and agricultural machinery. The laboratory scopes cover the principles of engineering and management, Material scopes: Energy and machinery for production and industrial of biomass.

Graduates competency

Able to apply the principle of engineering and management in energy management, design, manufacture, and application of agricultural machinery in a production system and biomass industries.


Field of Study

Energy Technology

Renewable Energy Development, Bioconversion Engineering, Biomass Conversion  


Agro-industrial Machinery Eng.

Power and Energy Management Design & Construction, Management of Machinery and Equipment


Control and Automation

 Measurement and Controls in Biological System, Precision & Smart Agriculture

Laboratory Member

Biomass Energy, Agricultural Machinery Design
Prof. Bambang PurwantanaMember of Laboratory

Renewable Energy, Farm Machinery
Sri Markumningsih, STP., M.ScMember of laboratory

Non-destructive Evaluation, Biosystems Modelling
Dr. Rudiati Evi MasithohMember of laboratory

Terramechanics & Design of Agricultural Machinery
Dr. Ir. Abdul Rozaq, DAA.Member of laboratory

Control System, Electronic and Instrumentation
Dr. Radi, STP., M.Eng.Member of Laboratory

Mechanical Technology, Machinery Design
Ir. Widodo, MSMember of laboratory

System Engineering, Agricultural Information Systems
Prof. Lilik SutiarsoHead of Laboratory

Agricultural Informatics, Biosensing
Andri Prima Nugroho, Ph.DMember of Laboratory

Computer Simulation, Programming and Analysis
Ir. P. Tamtomo, M.EngMember of laboratory

Laboratory Facilities

  1. Analysis tools: oven, balance
  2. Agricultural tools: moldboard plow, disk plow, rotary plow, chisel plow, harrow, sprayer
  3. Agricultural machinery: hand tractor, mini tractor, seeder, trans-planter, diesel motor
  4. Control system and optimization: sensor, microcontroller, vision system control, etc.
  5. Energy tools: Gasifier
  6. Unit design tools and agricultural machinery: (soil bin apparatus test, data acquisition test, data logger, amplifier, x-y recorder, etc.)
  7. Unit construction of tool and agricultural machinery: workshop tools, machine tools, roll plate, etc.)
  8. System information: computer and supporting software, the Internet.